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To see more of Portugal, you can go to various cities near our Quinta.

Oliveira do Hospital

Oliveira do Hospital is a short distance away and has several supermarkets, shops, gas stations and restaurants. Within 10 minutes you are in the heart of Oliveira. Along the N17, a very short distance from the Quinta, you will find L'Artista, the pizzeria where a former world pizza baking champion serves delicious food. Near Oliveira is the Museum do Azeite (Olive Oil Museum).


In Tabua you can eat delicious “flat chicken Piri-Piri” from the BBQ on the market square on long trestles during the Sunday morning market, highly recommended for those who want to experience the culture of Portugal. There is also a market hall here for local delicacies. Tabua is about a 30 minute drive away.


The authentic university city, where students walk around in black robes, was built on the site of the palace of the first kings of Portugal. On the grounds of the university you will find the chapel 'Capela de Sao Miguel' with an impressive baroque organ, the old library 'Biblioteca Joanina' which is definitely worth a visit and you can climb the tower for a beautiful view over Coimbra. Definitely recommended to go. You can also visit a large indoor shopping center in Coimbra with various dining options. Coimbra is approximately a 45-minute drive away.


Viseu has a lot of beautiful architecture such as a cathedral, the Delft blue tile wall in the middle of the city 'Painel de Azulejos' and several churches that you can visit. There are also museums and a park, and you will find many shops and eateries. Nice to spend a day. Viseu is about a 45 minute drive.


A beautiful city with a lot of liveliness, you can sit on a terrace here and enjoy the surroundings. But all Port brands are also represented here in the Port district, where you can taste their delicious white, rose and red port. An experience not to be missed. Porto is about 2 hours drive away. Porto is also the nearest airport to travel to and from our Quinta.


The slate village of Píodão is also definitely worth a visit. It is one of the most picturesque villages in Portugal in the hills of the Serra do Açor nature reserve. The walls and roofs are built of gray-brown schist or slate. The narrow, steep streets and stairs are also made of the same type of stone, coming from the immediate area. The windows and doors with their special color blue create a beautiful whole. The blue-white church is in a completely different style. You can also take walks in the vicinity of the Serra do Açor nature reserve, such as 'Foz d'Egua' (3km) where you will find a special place with beautiful bridges. It is about a 50 minute drive from the Quinta.


Coastal town with long sandy beaches where you can view fishing boats and fish on large fishing nets drying in the sun. This place is also a paradise for surfers because of the high waves (seasonal). In the higher town, which you can reach by cable car, there is an old fortress with a super beautiful view. Here you will also find the bright red lighthouse 'Farol de Nazare'. Also take a look at the photogenic swing with a view over the beach and city. Near Nazare is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Portugal, that of Alcobaca. Nazare is about a 2-hour drive away.


Located on the coast, the town of Aveiro is also known as the Venice of Portugal. With the Moliceiro boats you can cruise around the canals. However, you can also explore the town using the free Bugas.

If you like Art Nouveau, you can follow the Art Nouveau route. In the " Museu de Aveiro" to be found in the convent "Conveto de Jesus" is the mausoleum of Princess Infanta Joana and you will also find many wood carvings in the church and in the " Capelo do Senhor das Barrocas". Definitely worth a visit! Aveiro is about 1.5 hours' drive from the quinta.


If you also want to go to Lisbon, you will have to allow some travel time, it is about a 3-hour drive from the Quinta. There are several beautiful sights in Lisbon, such as the castle 'Castelo de Sao Jorge', the monastery 'Mosteiro Jeronimos' and the 'Torre de Belem'. There are also several museums and you can go to the Oceanarium and the 'Parque das Nacoes'.

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